Employee Spotlight: Grace Choi

How long have you been working at Siepe and what is your role? 

I joined Siepe just over 3 months ago and I am based in the Dallas office. As a Data Analyst, I work closely with our data delivery and middle-office teams to ensure data quality and integrity when importing client data into their new systems. Part of this process involves ensuring data is transferred to our internal teams in a presentable manner to help mitigate operational risks and increase time to market.

Having previously worked in the loan servicing space, what initially attracted you to working in the capital markets and working with Siepe?

For me, the appeal was the prospect of a new and challenging opportunity to work in a rapidly growing and innovative industry and with new, emerging technologies.  When I worked in loan servicing, much of my role involved managing the entire lifecycle of letters required by the industry. As a result, I learned a lot about how their back-end systems work and how to move data around to overcome specific challenges. That experience really sparked my interest in the technological aspect of working with Siepe.

Also, in my previous role, I took Python computing programming and Excel data analysis courses to improve my understanding of how to work with data in a way that can help businesses derive actionable insights. The courses helped me understand how there are many methods to provide better results for our clients, which is something that Siepe understands and does well. 

In your opinion, what is the key differentiator that influences financial firms to work with Siepe when it comes to data and its delivery? 

Our clients like having the flexibility to integrate and bring together multiple systems under one roof. Most of our customers have so many different data sources, which can make it challenging to gain insight into how they can make better-informed, strategic investment decisions. 

This is where Siepe’s platform really helps, as it is able to aggregate these disparate data sources, making it much easier for firms to visualize their financials and identify relevant trends. That capability, in turn, helps them improve their portfolio performance.

One of Siepe’s key initiatives for the year is increasing its diversity and inclusion. What advice would you give to other women looking to join the fintech space?

Although it might seem intimidating to enter a male-dominated industry, I think, in some cases,  there is a misconception that causes women to overlook all the different roles in the financial sector. From an outside view, the job functions might appear to be very technical or require a deeper understanding of how the sector operates. However, since I’ve entered the space I can see that soft skills are just as important from the onset. As you progress through your career,  you’ll start to develop a deeper understanding of how the industry works. So, my advice is to bury those misconceptions and do whatever it takes to achieve your career aspirations, regardless of the industry.   

My advice to any woman who is unsure about entering the fintech space is to try it out to see what working at a fintech company is really like. Then decide whether the industry is really a good fit for you. It’s a great opportunity to learn about new and emerging technologies and work collaboratively on projects. 

What’s the best part about working at Siepe?

Technically, this is cheating but I’d have to say two things:

  1. There are so many avenues to learn at Siepe and do a lot of critical thinking in order to creatively solve problems. I really like how Siepe works to implement new products in optimal ways to best serve our clients. Also, our approach to new ideas fosters collaboration where everyone is heard.
  2. Free lunches! Coming into work without having to worry about groceries and what to eat during the workday is a huge bonus… and the lunches are always really good!
What is a fun fact about yourself?

I am an avid reader. I read over 100 books last year, most of which I borrowed online through the Dallas Public Library. This year I’m on track to read just as many.