Operations & accounting

Highly automated and dynamic reporting solutions


We help improve fund performance, reduce risk and increase security. By automating reconciliations of position and trade data, clients are able to confidently track the full position lifecycle and reduce end-of-day processing.

Streamlined reconciliation

Rely on automated position, trade, and cash reconciliations utilizing persistent mappings and integrated resolution workflow

Price Exceptions

Track price exceptions with integrated asset details for approval, documentation and investigation by a valuation group

Wire management

Customize workflow rules by wire type, fund type, and dollar amount

Invoice Allocation

Customize allocation rules for payments and routing to funds for invoices

“We have used multiple vendors in the past but the infrastructure, expertise and knowledge Siepe provides are unmatched. I no longer need people on staff to manage our IT infrastructure – it runs seamlessly 24/7.”

– Scott Coughlin, CTO, Seven Bridges Advisor

“We completely lucked out with Siepe. They have really brilliant people who understand and know this whole setup.”

– Steve K., Head of Operations, Single Family Office ($1.5 billion+ AUM)

“It would be strategic for us to stay with Siepe. They have had an extremely positive impact on our business.”

– Tony Moore, CFO, Anson Funds

“The executives do a great job of visiting clients. You can tell they care and are fully involved.”

– Debby LaMoy, COO, Hayman Capital Management

“If we didn’t switch, it would have been significantly detrimental to our business. I can’t even imagine what it would’ve been like if we didn’t switch, honestly. We would’ve definitely failed. There’s really no other way to think about it.”

– Steve K., Head of Operations, Single Family Office ($1.5 billion+ AUM)

“Siepe has been a key partner for us. I have recommended several firms to use Siepe. I keep in touch with those who are clients now and they’re all satisfied too.”

– Scott Coughlin, CTO, Seven Bridges Advisor

“Our firm signed on with Siepe after thorough due diligence, reference checks and qualifications. We started with a project that was a complex task: automating a process that had failed numerous times in the past. The project was very successful and Siepe is now a part of our daily operations. They are the engine that runs our business.”

– Tony Moore, CFO, Anson Funds

“Firms need to realize that there have been significant technological advances over the years and that there are cost-effective ways of managing IT infrastructure. Not many vendors out there that can do it – and do it right.”

– Steve K., Head of Operations, Single Family Office ($1.5 billion+ AUM)