Cloud IT Infrastructure

Maintain operations in disaster scenarios

Best practices, reporting tools and managed IT services in a trusted, secure public cloud environment

Cloud is no longer an option. It’s the only way to scale your business, reduce capital expenditure – and maintain the flexibility to handle even the most unexpected operational challenges.

  • Best-in-class security, high reliability, redundancy and disaster recovery provided by trusted, industry-leading cloud service providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft)
  • SEC-compliant infrastructure architecture
  • Managed Service Business Model
  • Virtual Private Cloud provides advanced security features including group and network access controls and low-level network filtering to securely host enterprise data
  • Active Intrusion Prevention System and Cybersecurity threat monitoring and preparedness
  • Routine server maintenance, upgrades and security patching;
  • Geographically redundant servers & daily, monthly, and local snap backups provide reliable uptime and availability
  • Disaster Recovery architecture enables rapid recovery of critical systems and data


  • Private LAN
  • Network Security / Firewall

Internet Management

  • Wi-Fi Firewall
  • Partner with Internet Service Providers

Cloud Hosting & Backup

  • Directory Services / File System
  • Client Applications
  • PSEC Secure Remote Access (VPN)
  • Message Archive & eDiscovery

Voice & Messaging

  • VOIP Phone Service
  • Phones / Polycom VVX
  • PSTN / Skype for Business

Software & Security

  • E-mail & Office Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office 365 & Lync Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing
  • Network & IT System Monitoring

Customer Service

  • Best Practices Consulting, DDQ Support
  • Help Desk (Phone, Remote, & Onsite)
  • 24×7 Technical Support
  • Focused Financial Industry Experience

“We have used multiple vendors in the past but the infrastructure, expertise and knowledge Siepe provides are unmatched. I no longer need people on staff to manage our IT infrastructure – it runs seamlessly 24/7.”

– Scott Coughlin, CTO, Seven Bridges Advisor

“We completely lucked out with Siepe. They have really brilliant people who understand and know this whole setup.”

– Steve K., Head of Operations, Single Family Office ($1.5 billion+ AUM)

“It would be strategic for us to stay with Siepe. They have had an extremely positive impact on our business.”

– Tony Moore, CFO, Anson Funds

“The executives do a great job of visiting clients. You can tell they care and are fully involved.”

– Debby LaMoy, COO, Hayman Capital Management

“If we didn’t switch, it would have been significantly detrimental to our business. I can’t even imagine what it would’ve been like if we didn’t switch, honestly. We would’ve definitely failed. There’s really no other way to think about it.”

– Steve K., Head of Operations, Single Family Office ($1.5 billion+ AUM)

“Siepe has been a key partner for us. I have recommended several firms to use Siepe. I keep in touch with those who are clients now and they’re all satisfied too.”

– Scott Coughlin, CTO, Seven Bridges Advisor

“Our firm signed on with Siepe after thorough due diligence, reference checks and qualifications. We started with a project that was a complex task: automating a process that had failed numerous times in the past. The project was very successful and Siepe is now a part of our daily operations. They are the engine that runs our business.”

– Tony Moore, CFO, Anson Funds

“Firms need to realize that there have been significant technological advances over the years and that there are cost-effective ways of managing IT infrastructure. Not many vendors out there that can do it – and do it right.”

– Steve K., Head of Operations, Single Family Office ($1.5 billion+ AUM)