Unlocking Data Streams to Enhance Portfolio Performance

Challenged with the daunting task of manually extracting and organizing data from sprawling financial reports and other sources, analysts often find their heads spinning as they search for valuable insights – while being mindful of the costs for capturing, storing and analyzing all that data.

The thought of sifting through copious amounts of data is not just daunting – it’s a nearly impossible task. According to a Forbes report, the amount of data created, captured, copied and consumed globally increased by almost 5,000% during the decade prior to 2021. It’s clearly a growing challenge to manage data streams in-house without incurring excessive costs to store your own data (which would also require the costly installation and maintenance of new IT infrastructure). 

The ability to eliminate costly, antiquated, time-consuming manual processes while maintaining an unwavering commitment to optimizing client investment portfolios is a critical concern for fund managers. The good news is that there are ways to streamline and ensure greater security around these processes.


Which options exist to help address these problems? 

Many large companies, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), have increasingly been harnessing the power of data streams in place of manual processes that are quickly becoming obsolete. An automated financial data extraction solution, like one offered by Siepe, can help managers quickly evaluate their borrowers’ health without having to wait for analysts to manually spread financials. 

A recent WatersTechnology article by Max Bowie and Rebecca Natale explored how the AWS Data Exchange (ADX) recruited its first major financial data provider, FactSet. The move signaled the beginning of an industry shift away from traditional data pipelines, databases, and technical costs (not to mention ongoing maintenance issues related to bandwidth, security and scalability). 


How does it work? 

ADX software acts as a central hub for users to access third-party data in an up-to-date cloud environment. Since FactSet began using ADX, it has already deployed 30 proprietary datasets through Amazon Redshift to eliminate the cost issues associated with an on-premise setup. 

These solutions help manage and streamline data workflows, with connectivity in the Cloud allowing individual managers to directly access critical data streams – regardless of location and IT setup.


Where does a managed services provider fit into your data equation?

Smart, data-backed decisions are the driving force behind optimal portfolio performance. Utilizing an automated financial data extraction solution can help asset managers stand out in a growing field of competition.

Siepe was recently tasked with creating a bespoke solution for Yost Capital to deliver market intel and insights to help make better decisions in real-time, regardless of location. Consequently, Yost has seen significant improvement in scalability and growth, as the firm no longer needs to spend time and resources on data management.

Siepe offers a range of data solutions that tap into both public and proprietary information to provide full transparency into financial data sets across individual businesses and portfolios. Evolving data solutions like these speed up data extraction and drive smarter decision-making. 

To learn how Siepe’s cloud-managed data analytics solutions are helping asset managers scale business and provide clients with trusted portfolio analysis, contact us.