The value of outsourcing technology during market volatility

As the asset management industry continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, one factor is clear: connectivity is critical. In a remote work environment, being armed with secure, nimble IT infrastructure and software solutions can help mitigate operational risks and maintain efficient workflows. 

In the months ahead, outsourcing will play a greater role among asset managers as firms evaluate long-term business continuity plans and determine not if but how many staff members will be working remotely.

Cloud solutions to the rescue

Employees working from home are experiencing first-hand the limitations of inadequate infrastructure. A shortage of laptops and network issues can severely damage a firm’s ability to continue its operations efficiently and securely. 

With many firms considering long-term remote work environments, a trusted and experienced technology partner can deploy solutions remotely when accessibility is limited to ensure all staff, not just a few, are supported. Systems that are integrated on the public cloud are more adaptable in crisis situations due to greater capacity and scalability. 

Overcoming phishing and hacks in the digital environment

Cybersecurity has been the leading concern before the pandemic and has been heightened by the need to have staff working remotely from disparate locations. In a remote work environment, how do you ensure all data and information are safe? 

IT infrastructure providers are equipped with robust security networks and public cloud cybersecurity protocols that are unmatched. An outsourced technology provider can encrypt business laptops, including a single sign-on and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enable a multi-layered, centrally managed security system. Providers with an SEC-compliant infrastructure architecture can also provide transparent communication and cybersecurity threat monitoring. It is imperative that firms have an understanding of how and where returns are generated, no matter the circumstances or location. 

Focus on your business needs

Technology should be an enabler of better decision-making, not a barrier. Choosing the right tools and public cloud solution is not an easy task. However, working with a trusted technology partner can alleviate core business challenges and support business continuity, especially in times of market volatility. 

Outsourcing technology enables firms to improve cost management and operational efficiency, allowing managers to focus on scaling their businesses and pursuing revenue-generating opportunities.

While working from home can be a challenging adjustment, operations and connectivity should not be sacrificed. It’s important not to wait for the next crisis to safeguard your business. The right technology partner not only helps firms overcome digital challenges in a shifting industry landscape; it also offers the peace of mind that data is secure, and systems are performing at optimal levels. 

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