Siepe Gives Back 2022

As the holidays approach, it brings about a spirit of reflection on all that we have accomplished and all we have to be grateful for. It is Siepe’s annual tradition for our employees to graciously accept a donation from our CEO, Michael Pusateri, to pass along to a cause, community, charity and /or person that their heart is drawn to. Every employee receives a randomly selected dollar amount to give back to those who are less fortunate. For this year’s #SiepeGivesBack program, our team chose to donate to:

“This year I chose to donate to the Help Change Lives, a non-profit organization helping towards providing food towards vulnerable families in western Kenya. The donation is able to support two families for food for an entire month.” – Hazel Patel, Sr. Operations Analyst

“I chose to donate to CHADD – an organization that helps improve the lives of people who struggle with ADHD. My son battles severe ADHD at a very young age and needs special tools in order to navigate each day.” – Karson Lofink, Asset Analyst

“I donated to the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills (JLOSH) Annual Thanksgiving Basket Program. Each basket has a turkey, lots of sides and dessert. The goal this year is to assemble and provide 550 baskets. The baskets are donated to the Orange School district in Orange, NJ and then distributed to families facing food insecurity.” – Kirsti Gerstel, Relationship Manager 

Whiskey Ridge Rescue was established in my hometown of Green Ridge, MO by a girl I went to school with. They rescue and rehabilitate animals, starting out with horses and have recently opened their doors to all sorts of creatures, including cats and dogs.” – Kelli Maltsbarger, Relationship Manager, Asset Administrator

“I chose to donate to the North Texas Food Bank to help children, seniors and families in our community.” – Willy Chan, Sr. DBA

“This year I chose to donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation to help further research to discover more effective treatments for breast cancer.” – Sabrina Schmidt, Relationship Manager, Client Services

“I gave my donation to Leukemia Texas this year. My wife’s older brother died of Pediatric Leukemia when he was 8 years old. It always hit me hard that I would never get to meet him, but it’s been especially difficult for my wife and I as we now have a 19-month-old son. What kind of amazing things would Uncle Peter be doing with Ian? What could he teach him? What kind of treats would he spoil Ian with? I donated this money in his memory. I know he would be an amazing Uncle and the money helps Leukemia Texas research and support patients and their families going through these tough times.” – Cody Fuller, IT Relationship Manager

“Going back to my hometown area and I place that I have donated to before, I decided to give to the Food Bank of South Jersey. With the thanksgiving holiday around the corner, some families are not as fortunate to have a large sit-down meal at home. With my donation, South Jersey food bank can provide 300 meals to the community!” – Avery Fortunato, IT Support Engineer Lead

“This year, I decided to donate to Prom Closet hosted by St Andrew UMC. Prom closet started in 2009 providing dresses and accessories to high school students free of charge so that they could participate in their senior prom despite the fact that they may not be able to afford such luxuries. Last year, Prom Closet served over 800 girls from as far away as Arkansas, providing them with a unique and personalized shopping experience to pick out their perfect dress and accessories.” – Kevin Phelan, Director, User Experience

We are working towards a future where nobody dies from cancer, and everyone affected by the disease will have access to world class treatment and support.” – Darren Burke, Director, Cloud Infrastructure

“I donated to Bike Friendly South Dallas (BFSD). BFSD helps the community with mobility, mentoring and wellness through bicycle riding along with providing bikes to children and adults who need help with transportation. BFSD frequently organizes community bike rides and free pop-up repair stations around Dallas. I’ve volunteered with BFSD for past 4 years and have directly seen the positive impact that this resource center has on the community.” – Marla Vasquez, Accounting Specialist 

“I contributed to a good friend’s fundraising page who is finally shaving his Covid hair for young adult cancer.” – Trevor Fougere, Cloud Solutions Engineer

“I chose to donate to the Dirk Nowitzki foundation. I have a few things in common with Dirk: love for Dallas and the Mavs, people commenting on our height, and figuring out how to belong in early 2000s. His 21 years of loyalty to the city of Dallas and the way he carried himself through challenges and persevered makes him one of the people I admire and trust most. His foundation awards grants and funds projects that put children first and focus on their wellbeing, health, and education. The missions close to Dirk’s heart are also close to mine.” – Grace Choi, Data Analyst

“Just like last year, I donated to the Nanhi Kali NGO based in India. This charity focuses on educating children, specifically girls in India. I believe in the power of education to bring about a huge change in the life of kids. I have a daughter and everything I do is to provide for a good future for her. There are so many underprivileged girls across the world, and I am thankful to Michael for this opportunity to do something for them.” – Ravi Menon, Software Developer III

“Former Dallas Cowboys Center, Travis Fredrick’s Group helps to provide food for DFW. Dallas County has the sixth-highest number of children facing hunger in the country. The foundation is actively fighting childhood hunger in the Dallas-Fort Worth communities. They support 4,000+ students and 4 food pantries in the DFW area.” – John Sol, Service Desk Manager

“This year I chose to purchase items off of the Amazon wish list of the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. These are holiday gifts that will be distributed among the children the DCAC serves. Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center coordinates the investigation, prosecution, and healing services for the most severe cases of child abuse in Dallas County – those that rise to the level of a criminal offense. Each year, DCAC serves over 8,000 children (and their non-offending family members) who were sexually abused, severely physically abused, or who had witnessed a violent crime. DCAC’s average client is a 9-year-old girl, sexually abused by someone she knows and trusts.” – Ashley Hug, Business Analyst

The cause I wanted to donate to is Hearts For Homes. Hearts for Homes was established in the Spring of 2006, as a Christian-based outreach ministry, to provide no-cost home repairs to very low-income elderly homeowners, ages 60 and older. I had the opportunity to donate my time to this organization awhile back. It was an absolute pleasure experiencing the joy they bring to indigent home owners, and how grateful they are for their service.” – Tate Mosier, Software Developer I

“This year I am donating to Angel Tree, this is a local charity sponsored by The Woodlands Church.  Angel Tree exist to bring the joy of Christmas to local children and seniors in our community. Volunteers are using the donations to shop and provide a Christmas experience to those less fortunate. In addition to money, we will be donating time assisting in packing and loading of trucks that will deliver these gifts at Christmas.” – Stephen Gloria, Director, Middle Office

“I chose to give to the Oasis Center of North Carolina. They are a center that provides resources and outreach to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Their goal is to be a temporary steppingstone to empower and assist survivors get back on their feet, access safe and reliable housing, income, and health resources. They help people that are likely going through the most terrifying and uncertain times of their lives find a sense of comfort, support, and stability. They are a non-profit that relies almost entirely on donations and grants.” – Hannah Groseclose, IT Service Delivery Manager

“I decided to donate to Christian Community Action for a second year in a row. They continue to provide much needed assistance for individuals and families alike in our local community.” – Christian Louey, Business Analyst

“I decided to donate to the Genesis Women’s Shelter’s “Building Hope Together Capital” Campaign here in Dallas. One in three women experience intimate partner abuse in Texas, and many assaults go unreported due to fear. The capital campaign will expand non-residential services for women and children escaping domestic violence. The campaign is working towards building a new center that will be double the size of the current one, increasing staff, launching new service initiatives, and helping the center grow from servicing 3,700 clients to 10,000 clients per year.” – Lauren McKeen, UX Designer

“I have chosen to give to the Colon Cancer Coalition as they are a worthy cause trying to help research and fund ways to alert people to get screened for potential colon cancer. My father passed away from Colon Cancer when I was 11 and I have always tried to give into charities or research for this cause to help spread awareness for people to get tested early and often.” – Craig Riley, Sr. Loan Closer 

“In March of this year my girlfriend and I adopted our cat Frida. She had been abandoned to a feral colony before being rescued by the team at Dallas Cat Lady Adoptions, and then rescued again by a foster volunteer for the same organization when the PetCo she was being kept at lost power during last year’s winter storms. I decided to donate this year’s gift to them in honor of the cutest cat in the world.” – Ben LeValley, Software Developer II

“I decided to donate to the Parker Lee Foundation, which is an amazing grassroots organization that promotes charitable groups and local causes in the Central Ohio area. I was contacted by my cousin who serves on the board and he explained that their impact is far-reaching beyond the Ohio community. This foundation also focuses on the quality of life for disabled and disadvantaged children. Their purpose and mission align with my beliefs that everyone should have the best quality of life possible.” – Kevin Lieb, Manager, Client Delivery

“I chose Foster’s Home in Stephenville, TX. This was an organization that I worked with a lot in college and saw the positive impact that they have on children in the area. They provide a sanctuary for children and families suffering from violence, neglect, abuse, addiction, racism, and trauma.” – Colton Wrzensinski, Business Analyst

“For my donation, I have chosen Khalsa aid for their constant efforts to provide relief to people in need. Whether its via food or supplies they help bring relief directly to those in need. One example is the work they did during the floods in Pakistan this year. ” – Manvir Rai, Software Developer I

“The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) is a volunteer organization that offers direct aid to those in need across nine counties in North Texas. Through personal, compassionate interaction, the Society’s members provide short-term financial, material, and emotional support to our neighbors in crisis. In addition, broader Society programs and services help families address the underlying root causes of their basic unmet needs. Things like access to free prescription medication for those without insurance, or support in escaping predatory debt empower neighbors to build a life free from poverty.” – Joel Ward, Director of IT

“This year I added Siepe’s donation to my own for the Community Lifeline Center in McKinney, TX. My mom and sister are volunteers for this wonderful organization which provides food security and general support for struggling families throughout north Texas. A single $150 donation is enough to provide utilities for 2 households for a month or feed 2 families of 4 for a month. The Community Lifeline Center also partners with various churches and outreach programs to help families maintain financial independence during unforeseeable circumstances. They’re one of the most impactful, worthwhile organizations in our community and I cannot overstate how good of a job they do.” – Steven Beaney, Software Developer II

“This year, I donated to the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, specifically to their Holiday of Hope program. With the money from Siepe, I was able to purchase three basketballs from their wish list!” – Amy Theriot, Director, Human Resources

“I donated to the Dog Ranch Rescue. This is a wonderful organization that disrupts the puppy mill systems and rescues and rehabilitates dogs trapped in the abuse of breeding auctions. They also rescue and rehome as many dogs as possible from local shelters that are set to be euthanized.” – Robin Bellingham, Office Manager

“I donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. WWP is a charity that supports wounded veterans through a variety of programs, services, and events. I chose to donate to WWP again this year because those who serve our country are the bravest and most selfless people in our country. I have much respect for our United States servicemen and veterans, so I take any opportunity I can to give back. The Wounded Warrior Project changes the lives of over 1 million injured warriors, caregivers, and family members. Donations help bring independence back to our nation’s most severely wounded veterans.” – Pearce Blend, Data Analyst

UNICEF quickly ramped up humanitarian relief operations when war in Ukraine escalated on Feb. 24, 2022, and continues working with partners inside the country to meet urgent needs of vulnerable children and families.” – Micheal Donaldson, Sr. Manager, Client Delivery

“This year, I donated to Buckner International which is a charity that focuses on Foster Care and Adoption. My main purpose to find an organization that I could have my kids actively participate in doing volunteer work, and I was able to take my daughter to their Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls division in Mesquite. She had a great time sorting out donated toys to send to orphan children in other countries (and hopefully learned a thing or two about giving back).” – Tushar Solanki, Consultant

“This year I chose to donate to the Boys and Girls Country in Hockley, TX. The goal of this organization is to change the lives of children from families in crisis by loving and nurturing them in a Christian home environment while raising them to become self-sustaining and contributing adults.” – Lauri Pool, Relationship Manager, Loan Settlements

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) brings hope to struggling families and helps our dedicated researchers unlock the science behind the disease, bringing us closer to lifesaving cures. CHOP is leading the way in pediatric care, innovative research and medical education.” – Ashkay Sood, Software Technical Lead

GRACE is a Grapevine, Texas based nonprofit relief agency which provides food, clothing, financial assistance, and other vital necessities to people who are struggling with a limited income or recent emergency. The philosophy of GRACE is that encouraging self-sufficiency will, in turn, encourage community cohesiveness. Compassion and assistance are offered as a response to God’s grace by local churches in partnership with municipalities, businesses, civic organizations, and individuals.” – Chris Doty, CFO

“I chose to donate to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. My family has been greatly impacted by the disorders: Schizophrenia and Anosognosia. Anosognosia is one of the scariest mental illnesses and one where people truly do not believe anything is wrong with them. What makes this so dangerous is the underlying condition can not be treated because the individual refuses to accept any treatment because in their mind, they are perfectly healthy.” – Connor Van Nostrand, Sr. Manager, Client Delivery

“I gave to Family Gateway. They’re a Dallas based charity that provides housing support to families and children. “ – Garrett Clampitt, Software Developer II

Columbia Land Trust’s mission is to conserve and care for the vital lands, waters, and wildlife of the Columbia River region through sound science and strong relationships.” – Benjamin Cooper, IT Support Engineer Lead

“The Children’s Heart Project identifies children with life-threatening heart disease in countries that lack technology and training and matches them with North American hospitals and surgeons that donate their time and services offering life-saving surgery with the unsurpassed hope of Jesus Christ.” – John Browne, Cloud Solutions Engineer 

“Our family gave to Christopher who we sponsor through Compassion International. Christopher is a 7th grader and lives in El Salvador and likes to play football and soccer and we have had the privilege of sponsoring him the last 5 years..” – Michael Pusateri, CEO

As Siepe continues to grow, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to spread our reach and share our blessings through new avenues each year. We invite you all to join us – and help make a difference for those in need.