Executive Spotlight: Brian Shearer

Based on your 30+ years of experience working with financial technology, what do you think makes Siepe stand out from other technology providers in the industry?  

There are two elements that set Siepe apart from the rest. First, Siepe provides a comprehensive technology suite to the asset management industry, including software solutions and IT services, and the full range of support that comes with them. This allows our customers seeking solutions in both areas to have a single point of contact with one vendor. We’re also constantly optimizing our technology for both sides of the business, so our customers’ evolving needs are always matched. 

The second element is Siepe’s reputation for exceptional customer service. One of the main reasons I joined the company in September 2019 was because the team had built strong relationships and a great reputation in the industry over the course of seven years. Having the ability to not only earn that respect but maintain it is impressive and something to be truly proud of. 

What were your goals going into the role of Chief Product Officer? 

Upon joining Siepe, my two main goals were focusing on enhancing the product and growth of the development team behind the software. I wanted to ensure we had a best-in-class data management platform for the asset management industry and identify opportunities to take the product into new areas of the industry.

To achieve this, it was critical to grow our product team’s development capacity by adding additional talent and industry and technology expertise. This would enable us to take the product to new markets, and advance the technology and quality of our product.  

What are some of the latest Siepe product developments and innovations and how have these benefited your client base?

We introduced a self-service, Dynamic Dashboard module, which has enhanced the user experience in our platform portal. It incorporates new technology that allows our customers to have more dynamic reporting and views of their data, as well as the ability to have customizable dashboards.

We’ve also streamlined the onboarding process for new customers, reducing the time it takes from contract to implementation and continue to introduce new platform functionality that is both client- and market-driven. 

What excites you most about the potential of technology to transform financial markets? 

The asset management industry’s transition to cloud-based platforms has really accelerated in the last few years. As a cloud solution provider that has architected its solution with the cloud in mind, we have the opportunity to really shine and deliver what our customers need and expect.

I’m also excited that our industry is pursuing what I call ‘intelligent tech’, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is opening up a world of opportunities for companies such as Siepe to innovate and develop new creative solutions.

What are some of Siepe’s top product roadmap priorities in 2021? 

We are building solutions in a number of new areas, such as risk management and order management. We’re also enhancing our real-time and mobile technology capabilities.

What’s the best part about working at Siepe?

I’ve been in the industry for a long time and have experienced various company cultures. What I’ve really enjoyed in my first 15 months at Siepe is working with so many exceptionally smart and talented colleagues and clients. We have new challenges and problems to solve every day and collaborating on ways to address those problems with Siepe’s innovative solutions has been a tremendous learning experience.