Migrating IT systems to the public cloud provides SECOR Asset Management with the flexibility to grow & scale their business

SECOR Asset Management is an independent global investment advisory and risk management firm that provides advisory, portfolio, and alternative investment solutions for institutions, pensions and profit-sharing plans, endowments, and investment companies. When SECOR approached Siepe in 2022, it needed to migrate its existing private-cloud hosted IT infrastructure and data to the public cloud given the inflexible nature and high cost of its tech environment. SECOR’s technology team mandated a brand-new environment buildout to meet modern standards, optimize resource usage, and improve information security.

A key part of the success was that Siepe worked closely with SECOR to understand the existing infrastructure and business requirements, which meant that no time was lost trying to decipher software and technologies. As a result, Siepe could see the interdependencies, identify how each piece worked, and seamlessly shift SECOR’s applications into AWS with little to no roadblocks. With its new cloud-based environment, SECOR has unlocked extreme scalability with full optimization.

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