Tier 1 CLO Manager Unlocks Technology and Operational Efficiencies With Siepe’s Collateral Administration Services

In the current state of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) and private credit market, increased capital inflows since the pandemic have caused these markets to continue to grow – reaching over $2 trillion globally. Concurrently, service providers in the credit space have been impacted by a lack of skilled resources and a dearth of industry knowledge. As such, a CLO manager with over $27Bn in credit assets that specializes in US and European CLOs, as well as private credit, direct lending, and structured products, was experiencing significant disruptions with its collateral administrators and was keen to find an alternative provider to reduce its operational risk. 

Learn how Siepe’s Collateral Administration Services enabled the Tier 1 CLO manager unlock technology and operational efficiencies.

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