Employee Spotlight: Garrett Clampitt

How long have you been working at Siepe and what is your role?

I’ve been working at Siepe for 11 months based in the Dallas Office. As a Software Developer, I am responsible for building modules and delivering product enhancements for the applications our clients use. I also work together with the Project Managers and Senior Developers on client delivery to ensure their issues are resolved and handled in a timely manner.


Having started out in the manufacturing space, what initially attracted you to working in the financial industry with Siepe?

The challenge of trying something different and the opportunity to work with newer technologies. While I enjoyed working in the manufacturing space, the technology I was working with on a daily basis was a bit dated and I had a desire to move into the Fintech industry which has seen a lot of innovation over the last few years.

When I started at Siepe, I was really excited to see the technology they were using to propel the financial industry into the future. Also, the idea of working more on the data side for asset managers was very appealing. I was looking forward to learning more about newer ways to conceptualize data and the innovative processes involved in delivering data in a pragmatic way.


In your opinion, what is the key differentiator that influences financial firms to work with Siepe over other outsourced technology providers?

The way Siepe goes out of the way to deliver results and make clients happy. I think this comes down to three columns of service, in particular:

  • IT Team and Setup – ensuring that our clients are onboarded correctly to minimize disruption downstream
  • Client Delivery Team – making sure that data integrity is maintained at the highest level throughout the entire implementation process
  • Software Development and Custom Builds – working closely with and listening to the client’s pain points to provide a solution that fits their specific needs

As a result,  Siepe is equipped to come up with a solution that not only meets their needs but also interoperates with their organization’s IT structure – making it easier for them to integrate these solutions into their business and employee workflows.


What project have you worked on at Siepe that you are particularly proud of or found the most interesting?

Working on compliance tools. These are massive systems for our clients that each have to be customized and tailored to the unique needs and regulations that are constantly changing and evolving. The really tricky part is being able to add in additional functions for new regulations and compliance requirements without damaging the integrity or causing any interference with the current system. It’s a real sense of accomplishment when it all comes together.


Can you tell us a little about the methods Siepe uses to overcome complex requests from asset managers to build bespoke solutions that fit the client’s needs?

One of the programming strategies we use is adding in a functionality link to make a more dynamic environment between the back-end and human-readable systems. This way we can use the visitor patterns, rules and expressions to make solutions that encapsulate what is built out in the back-end and generate plug-ins for our clients to use that fit their unique requirements.


What’s the best part about working at Siepe?

The culture. Everyone is great and are very fast and reactive to help you with anything you might need support on. There isn’t a siloed mentality to the structure of the company. Our executive team is always pushing for feedback from the employees – and whatever is said gets taken into consideration and acted upon.

Also, I feel like my work is really making a difference to our clients and not waiting to go through red tape like I had done in the past with other companies.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I have a Christmas sweater collection for every day in December. It started out as a joke but it slowly became a bit of a hobby… and who knows, maybe I’ll add to the collection this year!