May 4, 2021

Siepe Acquires KeyMan Intelligence to Standardize Private Company Data Reporting

Dallas, TX; May 4, 2021 – Siepe, a trusted provider of technology, data and analytics, has acquired KeyMan Intelligence to transform the way investment managers manage credit by standardizing and automating the reporting of private company data. Siepe’s middle and back-office data management solutions coupled with KeyMan Intelligence’s front-office capabilities will provide asset managers with a holistic view of their data to better manage their leveraged loan and high-yield bond investments. 

By automating and standardizing data reporting, Siepe and KeyMan’s joint solutions provide full transparency into the financial data sets required for credit investments, including adjusted EBITDA and capital structure amounts, and enable portfolio managers to see all positions that drive the entire investment and decision-making process. As a result, asset managers can leverage that financial information to report both internal and external parties enabling them to derive value and actionable insights. 

“Siepe is centered around adding value to data,” said Michael Pusateri, CEO and Founder of Siepe. “The acquisition with KeyMan Intelligence will eliminate arduous manual processes that are often costly and time consuming, allowing asset managers to make better use of their data.” 

“The marriage of Siepe’s middle and back office data with KeyMan Intelligence’s front office insights is unique in the marketplace today,” said Ryan Browning, Co-Founder of KeyMan Intelligence. “Private data is disparate and not typically standardized. Siepe and KeyMan Intelligence normalize data sets across holdings and portfolios, to enable credit teams to optimize their investments while routine tasks are fully automated.” 

Siepe is also expanding its offerings across the functional spectrum for its buy-side clients and prospects, as well as investing in its managed IT infrastructure offering. It is planning to add an order management system and risk management capabilities to its platform within the next 12 months.