September 10, 2020

fundeye: ‘Data with context is value’ according to Siepe CEO

‘Data with context is value’ according to Siepe CEO.

The hedge fund space has had a tumultuous time this year, as the underlying equities most of the strategies use have been negatively impacted by the global pandemic. However, Siepe is a software as a service (SaaS) company that has made hay by allowing emerging hedge funds to outsource a lot of their processes to it, saving money and most importantly making sure that the data fed into the front, middle and back offices is clean.

CEO of the firm, Michael Pusateri (pictured) told fundeye: “I want to present that data to a portfolio manager because it should go in to his/her investment making decision in the context as well. So data without context is just data but data with context is value.” Read the full article on fundeye.